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Jortany Ltd was founded in 2009. We are a manufacturer of a new generation of biocides and incecticides against cockroaches, bedbugs, mites, fleas, ants, rodents and others. We produce milk replacers such as Vitamino-Milk, Vitamino-Milk Forte and Davision K10 E for calf feeding, lamb feeding, goat feeding and pig feeding.

It is of utmost importance for us to keep every customer satisfied with the quality of our products and if need be, we sincerely hope to get their trust again.

Jortany Ltd’s activity is controlled by the Regional Inspectorate for Protection and Control of Public Health (RIPCPH) and the company is registered in the Ministry of Health.

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0896 697 167

Джортани ЕООД - Препарати за борба с мишки, гризачи, бълхи, кърлежи, мравки и други.

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Control cockroaches, fleas, ticks, bedbugs, wasps, ants, flies, mosquitoes, spiders, moths, rats and mice. Eliminate snakes, moles, weevils, and other pests.

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