For this so popular, albeit a little strange hair mask, you need vitamins A, D , E, which are essential for any shiny, healthy, dazzlingly beautiful hair. No elixir that you should thank for the striking effect of the mask is called Trivitaminol. The medicine reduces hair loss, stimulates the growth of hair, gives shine and nourishes in depth; its purpose is for quick and healthy growth of animal hair, but also with it can be treated and human hair.


In the 100ml product contains active substances such as
Vitamin A palmitate – 1 800 000 IU/100 ml;
Cholecalciferol /Vitamin D3/ – 1.0 g/100 ml;
Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate is/Vitamin/2 500 000 IU/100-ml

and as excipients

Mix 20 ml of trivitaminol, 1 egg, 10 ml. of olive oil, 5 ml. vinegar, 10 ml of honey.Apply to the roots and what remains along the hair.Stay without covering your hair for at least 1 hour. Wash with lukewarm water.Be careful because masks with honey are often washed away very hard.Make sure you completely remove the remnants of the root mask.

1 year


After the expiration date, discard the rest


product in the package.

Store below 25 ° C.

Protect from direct sunlight.

Keep out of reach of children.

They must be destroyed in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

The mirror shine, faster growth will make you feel even after 1-2 masks. We recommend consistency to be applied no more than once a week to prevent excessive hair lubrication.