Vitamin-lactose complementary milk replacer

Feed For pig feeding after 7 days.


125-150 g Vitamino-Milk powder is used to prepare 1 liter milk replacer feed. The measured amount of the milk replacer is dissolved in approximately 660 ml of water (pre-warmed to a temperature of 48-55°C) while stirring, after which cold water must be added to a volume of 1 liter (approximately 340 ml of water). The temperature of the solution before consumption has to be 37 °С.

A freshly-prepared milk replacer solution (at 37°C) must be used for every meal because a cold and stale milk replacer feed can lead to stomach disorders.

Whey powder; Skimmed milk powder; Vegetable fats; Soy protein; Wheat protein; Calcium carbonate; Calcium phosphate; Vitamin premix; Aroma.

Total carbohydrates 75,00% Vitamin А 21000 IU/kg
Lactose 33,00% Vitamin D3 3200 IU/kg
Crude protein(N*6.38) 15,00% Vitamin Е 70 mg/kg
Ash 6,00% Vitamin С 15 mg/kg
Crude fats 16,00% Vitamin РР 13mg/kg
Calcium 1,00%
Phosphorus 0,50%