Vitamin-lactose complementary milk replacer.

Feed For pig feeding after 7 days.


125-150 g Vitamino-Milk powder is used to prepare 1 liter milk replacer feed. The measured amount of the milk replacer is dissolved in approximately 660 ml of water (pre-warmed to a temperature of 48-55°C) while stirring, after which cold water must be added to a volume of 1 liter (approximately 340 ml of water). The temperature of the solution before consumption has to be 37 °С.

A freshly-prepared milk replacer solution (at 37°C) must be used for every meal because a cold and stale milk replacer feed can lead to stomach disorders.

Whey powder, Dried skimmed milk, Vegetable fats, Soy protein, Wheat protein, Calcium carbonate, Calcium phosphate, Vitamin premix, Flavor

Store at temperatures between 10-25 °C in a clean, dry environment, away from floor and walls.

Total carbohydrates 75,00% Vitamin А 21000 IU/kg
Lactose 33,00% Vitamin D3 3200 IU/kg
Crude protein(N*6.38) 15,00% Vitamin Е 70 mg/kg
Ash 6,00% Vitamin С 15 mg/kg
Crude fats 16,00% Vitamin РР 13mg/kg
Calcium 1,00%
Phosphorus 0,50%