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Main group 3 Pest control. Product-type 14: Rodenticides Contains: Bradifacoum Ratocid Pellets is a ready-to-use rodenticide bait containing the active substance brodifacoum, anticoagulant.It is an effective tool for controlling domestic muscles (Mus musculus), gray rats (Rattus norvegicus), black rats (Rattus rattus) even after a single intake. Ratocid Pellets contains a bitter component that prevents accidental ingestion by children.The package contains a rodenticide bait in the form of a paste pre-metered into sachets of 20 g.


Before the start of treatment with poison bait, it is necessary to carry out the preliminary view of the affected zone, in order to identify the types of rodents, places of their activity and to determine the probable cause of the attack and its intensity.Food that can be easily accessed by rodents should be removed (such as spilled grain or food waste) in order to improve product intake and to reduce the likelihood of a repeat invasion.The area should not be cleaned immediately prior to treatment as this disturbs rodent population and makes the intake of baits difficult.The product should only be used as part of an integrated pest management system including, among others, hygiene measures and, where possible, non-chemical control methods (eg trapping).Rodenticide should be placed in tamper-resistant bait stations in such a way so as to minimize the risk of accidental ingestion of the formulation by children and non-target animals.The baits are fixed inside the poison so they are not scattered by the rodents.Disinfection boxes must be provided with a mark that clearly indicates they contain rodenticide and must not be opened, damaged or moved.They are placed in the rodents by the rodents and areas, near their holes, on their routes and the places they prefer.Where possible, the boxes must be secured to the ground or to other structures, and to be placed in flood-protected areas.Bait traps should be frequently visited at least once every 2-3 days (for mice treatment) or 5-7 days (after treatment against rats) after the start of treatment and at least weekly thereafter to check if taken by rodents and recharged if they are eaten or damaged.This continues until consumption stops.If the take-up of the bait is relatively low, despite the high levels of pests, it is necessary to move the detoxification boxes to other places or to use rodenticide with another formulation.The product is not intended for long-term use and is not used as permanent poisoning points.Processing lasts a maximum of 35 days.If, over the entire treatment period, baits continue to be eaten and there is no decrease in the number of rodents, the probable cause should be determined.After excluding other options, it is most likely a resistance rodent.Consideration should then be given to the possibility of using non-anticoagulant or stronger anticoagulant rodenticides as well as the use of traps as an alternative control measure.

The product should not be applied directly to soil and holes in rodents.The baits are not used to protect crops from rodents.Avoid treatment with the product in the presence of unprotected food and feed.Prevent access to the lure of children, pets, farm animals and other non-target animals.The biocide is dangerous for wildlife.When used in public places, treated areas are marked with warning signs describing the risk of primary and secondary poisoning as well as first aid measures.During and after the treatment period, all lure residues are collected safely removed in accordance with the requirements of national law.Wear protective gloves and avoid contact with the skin.After use and before eating, wash hands and exposed skin.Dead rodents are removed at frequent intervals during de-raid, at least at the same frequency as the baits are checked or recharged.In some circumstances, a daily check may be required.Use suitable gloves when handling dead animals.Dead rodents are placed in tightly closed double plastic bags and transferred for storage or disposal in animal disposal sites.

Mouse:20 g – 40 g of the bait in a drain box.The boxes must be spaced at least 5 m apart.
Rats: 100 g – 200 g of the lure in a drainage box.The boxes must be located at least 5 m apart.

Brodifacoum (N ° CAS 56073-10-0) 0.0025 g / 100 g. Field of application:Rodenticide ready to use bait, in the form of pellets to control the number of synanthropic rodents-gray rat (Rattus norvegicus) and home mouse (Mus musculus). Can be used inside buildings and around them (up to 0.5 m from the walls).Category of users:Mass Contents:brodifacoum.